Q4 - Make Money the Chill Way

with Katharyne

Christmas is coming!

Q4 is enough to strike both excitement and panic into Amazon sellers. Christmas past may have you whipped into a fever of bubblewrap, freezer meals, newspaper ads, repricer wars and best of all... late night BOLO-chasing dashes to Walmart for flatscreen televisions on Black Friday.

In this class...
We're not going to do that.
I'm not going to hand you a list of BOLOs.

Instead, I'll show you how to BE the BOLO.
(Doesn't that sound great? I worked on that.)

No, but seriously, if you take this class and follow along, other sellers will want to know how to sell YOUR product. And you’ll be sitting there with a peppermint mocha, listening to Bing Crosby and checking your sales while they’re being elbowed in the ear at midnight in Best Buy. Done!

So let’s talk about this:

This may be your first Q4 or you may have been through a few already.

You want to build a sustainable business.

You know that this period is a huge jumpstart on the year, a time to build capital for next year and the easiest season to sell.

But it's all a bit overwhelming.

So here's my strategy. We're going to:

Plan ahead for Christmas and create unique product listings. No last minute shopping sprees unless you really want to.

Brainstorm all kinds of unique product ideas that are easy to source and create

Narrow those down to one, two or a few ideas that you love and get executing them

Talk about tactics for managing inventory and new fee structures

Build on what YOU are good at already and what you know, so that you can sell products YOU feel comfortable and happy with. If you are nervous or feel you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! The class will put you at ease and help you enjoy the process as you launch your Q4 Christmas products.

Learn what is unique about winter, what sells and why.

Marketing strategies so buyers find and want your listings

There will be three 90 minute classes.

  • September 6th (90 mins)
  • September 15th (90 mins)
  • October 6th Short catch-up and pep talk

Replays will be available approximately 4 days after the live class. You have the choice of attending live and/or watching the replay as often as you like.

The course will include a stack of resources including suppliers, niches, keywords, gift lists, helpful articles and much more to get you prepped and ready for the coming season.

Now leave those freezer meals behind, take your family for a lovely dinner and get excited for the holiday season :)


  • Is this an Amazon class?

    For this course, I recommend primarily selling on Amazon via FBA (although knowing how to put together a great product and marketing campaign will help you sell on any platform!)

  • Is this white label, wholesale, retail, bundles, Merch or what?

    How you source is up to you. However... I encourage you to use the class as a step into white label (my version of private label). You will probably get the most from this course if you are prepared to spend $50-$100 on inventory to start testing your ideas. That said you will be learning skills in this course that will be fully transferrable to wholesale or retail sourcing. I'll happily share the retail stores that have worked for me in Christmases past and what I bought and why. We will also touch on CreateSpace, Merch (which you can begin creating products on for free!) and how to get the best of those platforms in the coming season.

    Bonus: The course will include a list of suppliers and wholesalers perfect for the Q4 season with a focus on suppliers of white label (blank) products you can customize. I encourage you to use this as a starting point.

  • I really just want BOLOs:

    Ok... Santa printed Kleenex hand towels (Walmart), Frosted Christmas dog cookies (Big Lots), Holiday Siren mugs (Starbucks), Philosophy Candy Cane shower gel (Nordstrom Rack), Yankee Candle and OPI advent calendars (sourced internationally)… I can give you plenty more, but it’s likely that last year’s BOLO lists will not be so helpful this year because of fluctuating competition, price and supply and demand. What IS helpful though is knowing why a BOLO becomes a BOLO and how you can take advantage of that.

  • Will you walk me through how to create listings?

    The course resources will include the ‘Create a Listing’ video section from my Create course.

  • Is there still time to wholesale?

    Great question! As with our Halloween and Back to School classes, there'll be a mix of wholesale, retail and white label suppliers. My focus will be on smaller suppliers who can provide customised product quickly, with bulk pricing. For example, the candy supplier for the productI demonstrated in the Halloween class ships customised candy in 7 days. Pretty amazing!

  • Is there support or a Facebook group for this?

    We will probably not provide a group specifically for this course, however you are absolutely welcome to ask questions in any of our groups. We have free groups covering reselling, CreateSpace and white label full of helpful, supportive sellers. I do not offer personal coaching at the moment, but always do my best to answer private messages within reason.

  • I'm in your Create class or Bundle Masterclass, should I take this?

    Yes! This will complement and build on everything you’ve learned in those classes, as well as acting like a speedy refresher. Please check in your class Facebook group for a discount code (or message me) before signing up.

Course price $79.99 for three classes, replays and extensive resources
including Christmas wholesalers and suppliers.


Add on Google Fu with Katharyne for $39.99
The stand-alone price for this one-off 90 minute class is $39.99 and it will debut on October 20th but you can pre-order it now with Q4 for the earlybird price $19.99

This will be an intensive class on using Google for product and market research. I’ll walk through the way I use Google Keyword Planner to find real search volume data and suggested keywords and phrases for specific products or trends. Then I'll demo Google Correlate and other lesser known Google tools for powerful research… plus I'll show how to use Google’s literature and art platforms to find fantastic public domain text and image galleries that you can use in your book, t-shirt or white label designs. In two hours, you will master Google and have a world of research at your fingertips.

Q4 - Make Money the Chill Way
  • Two 90 minute classes plus October Pep Talk
  • Extensive resources including suppliers and to niches
  • Part 1 starts on Tuesday 6th September 4:30pm

  • 2 hour intensive class
  • Master Google for product and market research
  • Thursday 20th October 4:30pm

Best Value Bundle - Q4 + Earlybird Google Fu

Get both classes for one low price.

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